The Power of Human Alignment

Renewal Planning

The most powerful force you can tap into is understanding who you are. Your passions, purpose, missions, values, meanings, identity, strengths, weaknesses, talents and so forth. Going inside yourself. It’s not necessarily…

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Retirement and retirement planning is becoming obsolete

Just like so many things today, old constructs, models, paradigms, businesses, even entire industries are being disrupted and replaced by new cutting edge approaches more fitting in the 21st century. And that’s…

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The Pitfalls in Planning Your Retirement

retirement planning

So, the big issue is Longevity, Longevity and Longevity. It’s both people’s greatest fear (not having enough/ running out)) and greatest opportunity (a lot more of life to make the most of)….

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Why “Having Enough” Just Isn’t Enough

It’s not about getting the right answers but about asking the right questions! So much focus in planning your future and especially traditional retirement planning centers on this financial question… Do I/We…

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