Just like so many things today, old constructs, models, paradigms, businesses, even entire industries are being disrupted and replaced by new cutting edge approaches more fitting in the 21st century. And that’s what is happening to the paradigms of retirement and retirement planning.

Vast potential increases in longevity (life expectancy pushing toward 100 and beyond), a far different notion of work and how we unleash our productivity and value in the world (how many people work for one company for 30 years anymore?), and a greater emphasis on an individual’s right brain thinking, authenticity, creativity, feelings and emotions are necessitating a new approach.

Retirement thinking and retirement planning has been so financial, logical, left-brain. The big question has been “do I have enough”? But that’s not good enough anymore. That’s not good enough when you need to be opportunity centric. A better question. “What are the opportunities in front of you that greater longevity, a new focus on your productivity, and unleashing your right brain creativity can bring you.

Thinking and planning needs to be more far more strategic then typical retirement planning. A new approach now is replacing or at least coming before retirement called Renewal and Renewal Planning. Life is now a series of Renewals and not a life to retire from. Renewal Planning helps find the vast opportunities in front of you focusing on New Beginnings (Renewal) and not coming to an end (retirement). Renewal Planning is now the path to Health, Happiness and Prosperity in the 21st Century. Come be part of this conversation at howardkaplan.com