So, the big issue is Longevity, Longevity and Longevity. It’s both people’s greatest fear (not having enough/ running out)) and greatest opportunity (a lot more of life to make the most of). It’s the reason that the old thinking and approaches to retirement and retirement planning are becoming so frustrating and even obsolete.

When social security first started, average life expectancy was actually below 65. Today, a couple that reaches 65 (with health) will have almost a 50% chance that one of them will be living into their 90’s and this all doesn’t even reflect the technological advances in healthcare just coming into practice (gene therapies, cancer killing immune cells, 3D printing of organs, etc.) that incredibly could push life expectancies for many past 100 in the not so distant future.

With mounting life spans the level of overwhelm and complexity in retirement planning has increased dramatically. It is certainly much different than the old financial retirement planning model of the three-legged stool: your social security would come in, you’d clip those coupons on your bonds/savings, and you’d collect your pensions. Set it and walk off into the sunset (you’ve all seen the pictures) into this idealic retirement. It’s just no longer that simple and for many that idealic retirement is truly a mirage.

Today, the complexity in retirement planning, what you need to do both financially and in terms of life planning, to be truly successful, is certainly much different. It’s not only so much more complex financially but for most their planning is not nearly holistic or strategic enough. Most don’t have any strategic plan at all when they look at potentially 30/40/50 years more of life. Their plans don’t integrate financial and life planning together at an emotionally deep level. And think about this, words mean something. Just the term itself “retire” means “come to an end”. And so people are still way too focused on “coming to an end” rather than perpetually creating new beginnings.

Because of the complexity and the pace of change today many people are craving for help and direction in their retirement planning. To take the complex and simplify it; to create a more efficient and repeatable process; to create more clarity, direction and focus, to be much more strategic and to integrate financial and life planning together at a much deeper emotional level. People are looking for certainty out of some very uncertain things (i.e., financial markets, taxes, interest rates, health, earned income….) and unfortunately they are going about it in either the wrong or much too superficial way in planning their futures.