It’s not about getting the right answers but about asking the right questions!

So much focus in planning your future and especially traditional retirement planning centers on this financial question… Do I/We “Have Enough?” And the financial institutions love it because it drives their investment, asset management and insurance sales.

But the question of “Having Enough” is not enough when it comes to creating a great future. In most instances the “Having Enough” question becomes more of a financial exercise to sell financial programs than a true strategic exploration to shape vision and path in someone’s’ life.

Financial analysis and projections only have real value (remember garbage in, garbage out) after the strategic work is done. Personal strategic planning, what we call Renewal Planning is about your path forward in your productivity, your connectivity, your health and your emotions. Only then should you focus on the integration of your financial plans.

The better question(s) to focus on are what are the possibilities and opportunities that we can uncover going forward in our lives and how can we live in the positive emotions we choose as frequently, as deeply and as richly as possible. “Having enough?” is just far too narrow and too limited but unfortunately what most advisors being only financial advisors are capable of.

And another thought. If you so called don’t Have Enough what are you supposed to do? Well you can still plot a path to a great life if you know how. What if you’re fortunate enough to have more than enough? Maybe you have a more important question to ask? Which is how much is enough? At want point do you shift from an emphasis on money and economic success to what creates emotional success in your life?

While the flexibility and options that money creates are extremely important it’s only one part of personal planning and it’s not in the majority to create a great life.